Thoughts about Senator John McCain

I have spent time watching the services for John McCain this morning. A newscaster said that John McCain felt this next election is going to be one of the most important in modern time.

I am very proud to be a candidate. My neighbor asked me why was I doing this. I feel we all need to participate in our future. I’m interested, I’m capable and I want to be an active participant in deciding our future! John McCain said each day you make a decision and what you do with the decision can effect the rest of your life. My decision to run for public office is going to change my life. I’m prepared and ready to make a difference for my community, my state and our nation. In advance of this election I thank my friends that support me and my family that stand with me.

I thank John McCain for all that he did in life (even though I did not always agree with him). He has left us but in his passing he arranged this service to remind us, we are all important! As best we can, we must follow his example and be involved. Please get involved and Vote!

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