July 17, 2018 Thoughts for Today

Why am I running? Until now I have confined volunteer and civic work to things that directly bear on my family and the immediate geographic area of where I lived at the moment. I coached youth athletic teams, was a La Leche League group leader, was active in town politics and so on. Now I am retired and my family is grown and gone. I have time and energy available to expand the scope of what I would like to do for my community.

Ossipee is part of Carroll County District 5. That NH legislative district includes Ossippe, Wakefield, Effingham and Brookfield and elects three representatives to the NH General Court (the official name of our State Legislature).  I am not aware of anyone from Ossipee representing our District for at least a decade and most likely much longer. The same can be said of a woman representative and/or a Democrat. Our District has a substantial history of being represented by Republican men from some town other than Ossipee. I’m going to change that!

If nothing changes, nothing changes. We need fresh blood and fresh ideas in Concord.

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