Why am I running for office?

I was asked by a local newspaper to fill in a candidate survey. When done I realized that the completed survey is a good discussion of who I am and why I am running. So, here it is……………

—Why are you running for State Representative in Carroll County?

My entire life I have always participated in organizations where I have lived.  I was active in my high school, the same in college and when raising my family I was always involved.  If it was athletic programs, civic volunteer groups or town politics, I participated.

When it comes to politics I feel we all have a voice and you should use this voice.. I have retired to New Hampshire and I have found my voice.  I recognize these are very historic times.  Women are finding their voices and men are listening and supporting these women.  I want to be part of this history and I want to be on the correct side of history.

I cannot sit back and remain silent I am stepping up to the plate and getting in this game.  I’m passionate about issues.  I am educated and capable.  In college the Dean of Students said,  “Having that diploma proves you can participate, retain enough material to move on to the next level and you didn’t quit.”.  I don’t quit.

We need public servants in government.  I am that candidate who works within the system to make our system work.  I live in Carroll County, I am equipped to look at the issues, listen to the people and fight for the hard working families. I’m here, I’m prepared and I’m asking for your vote.

—What do you think are 3 most important issues you plan to address if elected, and what steps would you take?


  • Fund and improve our public schools.
  • Expand access to affordable health care
  • Protect New Hampshire’s Environment and citizens from Corporate Special Interests

Success for all three of theses issues depends on having a budget, and working within this  budget.  We must figure out the budget with the people as the priority not the corporations and stockholders getting bonuses. People should be the primary concern of successful programs before any special interest.

—What sets you apart as a candidate for state representative (qualifications or achievements)?

I have a background in coaching.  As a team player you use the skills and strengths you have to play the entire game.  No one person wins alone on a team.  It is the cooperation, talent and commitment of many to be successful.  I am that leader who can motivate people, figure out the answers to the problems, and come up with the strategy to make plans work..

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